Welcome to my studio! 

Into My Eyes and Through My Hands

Directions, movements, and perimeters are the buzz words into developing my compositions and brushstrokes.  My intent is to have the viewer take a journey physically and emotionally discovering how mood, light, and time change the concept of space - the space of the familiar and the unexplored.  I guide the viewer into different atmospheric crossroads, where you must STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN.  

Diann D. Bishop

Please note: The color in these images is as close to reality as possible. Your monitor may show the colors differently. Our experience is that patrons are very happy when they see the original work upon purchase or completion.  Also, your monitor may be set to show different size fonts.  If you find these fonts too small, go to VIEW on your toolbar, select TEXT SIZE, and select LARGE or LARGER.  Or, if you prefer, use the Zoom feature identified by a + and a magnifying glass, usually located on your task bar.

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